Bliss Magazine Design:  A magazine that shows new and emerging artist into the alternative and underground scene of music.  Subject I chose was Toro Y Moi.  In the article the singer/song writer discusses how he still records using cassete tapes  sparking the idea of writing his name out with the tape creating a unique and personal touch to the article. 

Lipstick Product Design :  Picking a product and showcasing the product in various ways.  I wanted this brand of lipstick to be for someone who has edge but also has fun with fashion and taking risk.  

PUNKTALKS Logo and Flyer design for Sheridan Allen the founder of Punk Talks.   Has been featured in Bled Fest Music Festival, published in Turnover and distributed with the bands such as Sorority Noise, Messes, Spraynard, and Modern Baseball.  


City Library Poster 24 x 32 , front & back. Focusing on how library is the ultimate place for connection of knowledge and people.  The new building features more modern approach with new technology but keeping a fun and friendly atmosphere for a great learning environment.  

Poster Design:  Agriculture, three words, urban, fresh, organic.  This poster was inspired by rooftop gardens in urban areas.  The inspiration was creating a grid like streets and heavy geometric forms influence by the buildings.  The organic patterns and shapes are brought into the piece to resemble the nature working with the concrete buildings within its limits. Overall to create a sophisticated, youthful, and inviting feel.

The Louvre, Salvador Dali Museum, & Titanic Belfast  Design logo and icon for well known buildings.